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Each piece has at least 1 UV bead on it! These are naturally UV reactive! Snag a light and try it out when you get your bracelet!

Please read additional information section to see what beads each bracelet carries! They will be listed by bracelet name

Weighstone Jewlery UV reactive bracelets

  • WJxliii- UV sodalite, matte onyx, clear Quartz, and onyx

    WJxliv- UV sodalite and Onyx

    WJxli- UV sodalite and onyx

    WJxlvi-Azurite, onyx, and howlite

    WJxlvii-Azurite, onyx, and howlite

    WJxlii-UV sodalite and onyx

    WJxlv,WJlii, WJI, WJxlviii,WJxlix-UV sodalite, matte onyx, and onyx

    WJxxxix- pumpkin centerpiece, UV Jade, matte onyx, and onyx

    WJxxxviii- kambaha jasper, matte onyx, onyx, dragons blood jasper

    WJxxxvii-Kunzite, amethyst, Rose Quartz, clear Quartz, and moonstone

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