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The Symbol of the Sphinx: @AvatarGlass

Courtesy of Rach Beers, Kendalyn Liebzeit

Avatar’s Sphinx Series was introduced in 2017, the first edition being a collaboration with @magism. His second was a collaboration with Nate Miers (@nathan_miers), and his third was his first solo: the Watermelon Sphinx you see above! Sitting gloriously next to that piece is his most recent solo (2021). It’s almost surreal to see these two next to each other as they tell a story and symbolize the evolution of Avatar as an artist.

Historically, it was believed that The Sphinx was the Spiritual Guardian of Entrances and Thresholds. Often placed in front of structures such as royal tombs or religious temples, legend states that the Sphinx would present those trying to enter with a riddle. Failure to solve the riddle would result in being devoured by the Sphinx.

Courtesy of Rach Beers, Kendalyn Liebzeit

Avatar ties this ancient legend to the premise behind this series: “Whenever we begin to develop a new idea, open a new book, acquire a new skill, attend a new school, move to a new city, or learn a new language, we are symbolically standing in front of the Sphinx who is guarding the entrance to the knowledge we seek and the adventure we are about to experience.”

Avatar continued, “An uneasy sense of anticipation usually possesses us at these times. The knowledge we seek, and the adventure we are about to pursue… is a riddle! Upon mastering our new skill (solving the riddle) we are allowed entrance into the new knowledge, the new life, and the new adventure which we have been pursuing.”

Courtesy of Rach Beers, Kendalyn Liebzeit

The evolution of Avatar’s Sphinx Series is one of acquiring knowledge, skills, and facing challenges. We are honored to display these two symbolic pieces by Avatar along with a handful of his other pieces! Follow @thedepot734 on Instagram for more!

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