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The Evolution of Trust Glass' Orbus

Trustglass has been blowing glass since 2012 when he found himself under the wing of Lance McRorie the founder and owner of FlameTree in Georgia. Passionate and driven, Trust ordered his own torch after about 6 months of being at FlameTree and with the help of his parents’ space, started to explore glassblowing on his own.

Trust found himself settled down at Mean Screenz glass studio in 2015 after blowing glass with JDZ Glass and Liquid Fire Glass, and then in a home studio with Trikky Glass. Mean Skreenz is currently still where Trust resides and claims he has had the time of his life working with other talented glass blowing artists there. [information taken from Trust Glass (]

When The Depot reached out and asked Trust to tell us more about his work and designs, he told us, "I’ve always loved making new designs, especially those that involve techniques and components that are outside of my comfort zone. Ask anyone at my studio and they’ll tell you I have 4-5 notebooks of new/unique designs filling every page. Will spend weeks just “reinventing the wheel” as my shop mates say. It’s a great mental chess game/exercise to figure out how things need to be made, what order to assemble, all to make the later steps easier & more fluid.

Trust continued, "I made the first Orbus in early July 2019 after being off the torch for a few months from shoulder surgery in May. Had drawn the “Orbus” up while recovering and couldn’t wait to make it. Originally, water bubbled through two separate chambers, splashed around the outer orb, into the inner orb to recycle internally. Wanted to do a different style Torus with a fully rounded off inner recycling chamber so that the bubbles had a chance to pop and splash above it. The fully rounded off recycler chamber is what made the Orbus design unique at the time. Hadn’t seen a torus/jacketed chamber that was completely round before. It makes for a really cool effect when you’re hitting it; The water sloshes around so much you’d guess it would jump up, but you can really rage on this design without any sort of splash back or water hitting your lips.

"I made a bunch of the internally draining variants for the next 2 years before deciding to refine the design in January of 2021. Through that refinement came the V2 for both the internal and external draining designs by February 2021. The V2 internal used a 4 hole forced disk perc that separated the two chambers, with the drain going through that disk. Allowed for a very sleek design that also “blooped” when you stopped hitting it. Shortly after that, I stumbled upon the V2 Klein which removed this forced disc perc to allow for a choppier, more rumbling hit, as well as the added visual of the external drain. I’ve since been making those designs and am very happy with the response to them! This design was definitely challenging to make completely by hand, but nothing good ever comes easy! The challenge of coming up with & making new unique designs pushes me out of my comfort zone and is a great mental workout!"

Huge thank you to Trust for putting together this information for us and helping us to educate on #HeadyHistory! We are so blessed to have a great artist like him on our shelves. We are so excited to support his journey and sharing it with you guys!

Stay tuned to this new blog for more information from other artists and art-related topics. And as always, have a great day #DepotFam!

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