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BC Glass: Pipemaking Pioneer

BC Glass has been posting his glassmaking journey on Instagram since 2014. Over that time, he’s showcased his skill in making things such as hammers, caps, buckets, bangers, wine glasses, cups, the list goes on! He released hourglass timer carb caps in 2015 that have become a staple of his journey. Another feature accessory he makes are iso stations, complete with a vessel for alcohol, encased in a perfect little bucket for cotton swabs. The concept isn’t entirely new, but BC definitely makes some of the best.

As far as his journey with functional sculptures, he has played around with many designs. At the start of his career, the most common were Fab Eggs. This is a very technical design that gave BC the knowledge to take his pipes to the next level. In October 2016, BC released his first “Eggosphere,” which we now recognize today as his Exospheres. He changed the name to Exosphere a couple months after the first prototype in November 2016.

BC's first "Eggosphere," now known as Exospheres (Oct 2016)

After perfecting the form and function of the Exosphere, continuing to make a couple Fab Eggs, and introducing his coveted iso stations, the Interloop was born. He released the first prototype in December 2019, and after a few more, released the first official design in July of this year (2021). The name Interloop wasn’t dubbed until that September.

BC explained his concept of the Interloop in the post of the prototype, “For some time Jordan (@jfellglass) has heard me talk about a chamber that allows water to travel up and down in the same visual space. After some building and tweaking, this is where I ended up. The center chamber is a jacketed sphere fabbed out with uptakes pulling through the very inner center, while draining back down into the outer chamber of the same sphere.”

BC's First Official Interloop (July 2021)

To make a completely unique and original functioning design is getting more and more difficult to do in the pipemaking industry. It’s no surprise that someone like BC who has made hundreds of high-functioning pieces has the expertise to do so.

Thanks for reading this snippet of #HeadyHistory, Depot Fam! Make it a great day.

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Two of BC Glass' Interloop Pieces
Interloop #DepotDrop!

Available as of (10/8)! Color is #Sunstone by @moltenaura.

#SOLD - Colors: @greasy_glass Purple Satin & @moltenaura’s #Plantphibian

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