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Here at The Depot we strive to support our local artists within our community. Stay awhile and learn more about the artists that we have on display, what inspires them, and what makes them so amazing.



Rug art

Since my youth I have been interested in art of all types. My parents were both artists.  I am fortunate that they valued the arts and saw that spark of creativity in me and nurtured it.

They encouraged me to be an independent thinker and exposed me to art of all types: performance, writing, and the fine arts.  I was fortunate to have taken a class with the late Charles McGee who further expanded my view of creative possibilities. I attended The College for Creative Studies in Detroit and studied photography, mixed media and writing.   My passion was photography but I felt that I needed to be more physically involved and less of an observer in my art.  Photography is still an hobby but fiber has captured my interest at this point in my life.  Texture was a theme in my photography.  Fiber allows me to create my own textures and put them out in the world.

I believe Inspiration is when you get lost in a thought or memory or scenery that awakens your senses and it takes you away.  You turn that inspiration into something for someone else to get lost or find themself in. Knowing that I can project what I’m feeling in to my work and have someone else experience it in a way that’s meaningful to them, in itself is inspiring!


Justin Abate @just_in_a_body



Currently living in Ypsilanti, MI. Justin loves working with light and bright pigment. "My style comes through layering multiple glazes of color over each other. Each of my paintings captures a story, many are inspired by my love for nature and travel." In his free time he enjoys hanging out with his partner and studio mate Lucy and his cat Sage.


Glass art

Enrico Battan is a Detroit based glass artist currently attending College for Creative Studies. His fascination with archeology, anthropology, and geology inspire his work and help provide a visual archive of textures within the city of Detroit.

bio taken from personal website 




Glass art

"Spinning glass for spun people since 1999"



Hand drawn art

Nate Jardin is a local tattoo and hand-drawn artist. All his work that is on display at The Depot is original and hand-done with either water paint or colored pencils. Truly amazing work from an amazing artist.




My name is Weston Klauke, I make handmade jewelry from natural mineral/gemstone beads mainly in the form of custom bracelets. I source all of my materials from local Michigan businesses to keep the money local and support from within our beautiful state! My inspiration is nothing but the good energy that surrounds me and the goal is to spread these positive vibes and love everywhere in this world! So here I am for the beginning of this adventure, now let's grow together! 💚



Image art, paintings and drawings

Hi! My name is Swan Germain, and I am the owner of Swan Germain Art LLC. I’m a 24 year old artist located in Michigan, that specializes in projects that include a style that truly inspires me. The art that I create includes a lot of color, any cartoon character you can imagine, and graffiti-style designs that can be highly customized to your liking. The biggest part of my inspiration is my sister, Bianca, who passed away when I was 12 years old. She loved my art, and when she died I struggled to have the motivation to create. But I know she would never want me to give up on a talent I’ve worked so hard for, and that’s why I’ve started this business. So far, my art has taken me from growing an instagram presence, to creating art for a Detroit Lions player, and being commissioned by big named companies. In the end, I love what I do and how I’ve grown because of the art I’ve created for people, and I want to continue creating and growing!

Bio from Swans personal website 





I’m a 25 year old from the Ann Arbor area. I grew up wanting to be Bugs Bunny after watching countless hours of many cartoons and seeing my Dad draw. I started drawing any chance I could. I eventually went to college for graphic design and received a 2 year degree. During college I met a local Michigan artist through Instagram, he suggested I make an account for art. Ever since that interaction I have been creating everyday.


I mainly work with ink, acrylic, and aerosol on different surfaces like paper, canvas, wood or anything I can use really; such as empty Backwoods packs. The subject of my artwork reflects my interests, childhood, and relations with people. A lot of my characters are influenced by my favorite cartoons. My work usually consists of animal like figures with bright and vibrant colors. Although I enjoy black and white work I like using color to help brighten the world a little.

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